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  • Brass Automatic kitchen Faucet washbasin sensor faucet
  • Brass Automatic kitchen Faucet washbasin sensor faucet
Brass Automatic kitchen Faucet washbasin sensor faucetBrass Automatic kitchen Faucet washbasin sensor faucet

Brass Automatic kitchen Faucet washbasin sensor faucet

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  • washbasin sensor faucet
  • Faucet washbasin
  • Product description:Brass Automatic kitchen Faucet washbasin sensor faucet
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Product specifications:


Basin Faucets

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number


Surface Finishing



Electric Faucets, Sense Faucets

Surface Treatment


Faucet Mount

Single Hole

Installation Type

Deck Mounted

Number of Handles




Valve Core Material





Power supply

DC:6V 4xAA batteries AC:110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, AC&DC auto switch

Water flow

4-6L/M (0.3Mpa)

Applicable Water Pressure


Inlet water Connection size

G1/2" or G3/8"

Respond time

Open≤0.5S Close<1s


TRUTES brand induction faucet control box is designed by separation of water and electricity.It can avoid the moisture or leakage of power parts effectively so that saves power and static losses.The product uses four AA alkaline batteries, 300 times a day, can be used for two years without replacement.As required, the control box can choose the communication and the ac dc gm, do no need to replace the faucet and the sensor.


Selling point:
The faucet is made of fine copper, ten stage electroplating process. Resistant to scratches, multilayer plating, resistant to corrosion, and still bright for years.


Leading sensor adopts imported electronic components, the induction distance is more stable, components are the most sensitive sense of intelligence, the shell adopts special optical lens materials, induction distance is guaranteed.


TRUTES brand sensor faucet is designed by infrared induction principle. It has:
1.Automatic water discharge and water off function: Induction component, when the hand is close, the water comes out,when you leave, you turn off the water.
2.Clean sanitation: the hand does not need to be close to the metal, can reach the water and turn off the water, convenient, health, effectively eliminate bacterial cross-infection.
3.Water saving function: auto shuddering function prevents the water from being wasted by forgetting to turn off water, and has a timeout (60 seconds) protection, which automatically closes the water when timed out.
4.Special super filter to filter impurities and protect water environment.

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